Urban Series
Urban Progression
Take one highly creative and talented dance music producer. Add a sprinkling of inspiration brought about from a recent global city trip. Urban progression fuses urban flavoured beats and melodies with fired up visuals, to take DVD to the limits.
Urban Distortion

Crunched up rhythms and twisted beats, make for a hedonistic journey into a new breed of music. Fuse this with experimental distorted visuals the perfect combination. Urban Distortion pushes the boundaries of the music and film experience.

Urban Elements
The very best elements from our Urban selection remixed. A handful of selected independent producers take apart, remix and rework in their own style the
best of Urban.
Urban Essence
Wind down and let go, ideal if you need to get as far away from everyday life as possible. Ibiza style chill tempo with slow mellow Urban textures and soundscapes, an audio/visual delight.
Urban Funk
Tight, slapped funked up rhythms with all the funkyness of a 70’s cop series. Add a pinch of electronic and a hint of acoustic - ( yes I did say acoustic ! ) and you have Urban Funk. This is one seriously funkadelic and experimental album.
Urban Gitano
Passion, and sheer musical expression. Spanish Guitar is well known for moving the emotions. Now mix this with the energy and dynamics of modern beats & grooves, you have a style called Urban Gitano. Incredible Andalusia dance & VJ visuals.
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